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Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your application as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. You can count on us.


Bring value to your business by building the best software to meet your custom software development requirement in Atlanta. Spiralogics help you address the challenges of your business in the most optimal way possible.


Often, the business head confronts a majority of problems while handling Cloud, API and other similar projects. Are you having similar kind of issues? If yes, then contact Spiralogics.

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Everyone believes in going with the Atlanta custom software development works. Hire our talented developers in Atlanta for part-time and full time with the help of Spiralogics. We have the best developers working with us, so find the best minds in the industry at Spiralogics.

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Spiralogics is a leading web application development company in Atlanta. We specializing in solving tough business problems with internet-based solutions.


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Our #1 priority is you, the client.

I need to develop custom software, where do I start?


In a company that provides high-quality development services, you will always be offered analysis, provided with the risk measurements information and assistance on the most suitable way to implement your business idea. However, there are questions, the answers to which you should make up yourself, so that the project ends up being successful. At Spiralogics, we keep lines of communication open so we make sure we can answer those questions you’re asking and have a successful project.


Why is custom software such a large investment?


When considering building custom software many factors need to be considered and this can be a time-consuming investment. It takes time to learn the processes of your business, to gather requirements, to flesh out your needs, and to build the software. Time is the most important commodity that can cost you money and put simply, time is money. Since you’re essentially owning code instead of licensing software, it’s a worthwhile endeavor for your company. Don’t rent from another software company, own it.


How can my business benefit from custom software?


There are a multitude of benefits for customizing and improving your platforms or software. A custom software solution will increase your business processes and automation of the functions of your business. Minimize the waste of time and your resources that originally took and customize your software for your company. Instead of modifying your processes, modify your software so you can keep your current process in place. Don’t waste time revamping your business and own your own software.


Why is custom software development often behind schedule?


Budgeting for the unknown can be challenging. It is essential to be transparent in this industry and to keep our communications open on the project. Our processes stay true to that to ensure trust with our clients on each step of that process. At Spiralogics, real-time transparency is of utmost importance on the budget and timeline. Each timeline and project is custom, you will be able to see all communications and progress within our team.


What is IP, and how important is it that I own it?


Intellectual Property is an important topic. This goes back to the conversation of whether you should own or rent your software. If there is an existing solution that can suit your needs just fine, then it makes sense to buy, but the software developer owns the code and you are basically licensing the software from there. Go the custom software route to gain an advantage on your competition but ownership is still a grey area that needs to be in the contract. Intellectual property is a complex legal factor that needs to be considered in the end goal.


What does a normal contract look like?


Many factors go into the contract based on the project scope. A professional developer will make it clear which steps are in the contract and will make it flexible for the client.


If things don’t go well, what happens?


We make communication and transparency our top priorities so this doesn’t happen. Right out of the gate we work hard to make sure that not only the project is a good fit, but the relationship with the client is as well. Through each step of the process and the build we keep you in the loop weekly so you know what to expect and what is happening, but a good development company should have places in their process/relationship where you can cleanly exit. Make sure you know what the process is for leaving and what those different ‘leaving’ options are.