Spiralogics Resource Staffing

Consider outsourcing our team members as an extension to your team.

Spiralogics is more than a software development company. We are not just development, programming, and technical experience. 

Spiralogics offers something more “holistic” and valuable, like 17 years of business insight and practical application experience. (Automations, workflow, business processes, and a seasoned team) 

Pricing Schedule Monthly Flat Fee:

  • Flat Fee Monthly Pricing (160 Hours, 8 hours per day)
  • Your Dedicated and Exclusively Assigned Programmer/Developer/QA’s 
  • Extension of yours OR your client’s technology team.
Flat Rate160 HoursContract Terms
 $               4,800.00 $                     30.00 (30 Days Notice)
 $               4,500.00 $                     28.136 month
 $               4,000.00 $                     25.0012 month
 $               3,500.00 $                     21.8828 month
 $               3,200.00 $                     20.0030 month
 $               3,000.00 $                     18.7536 month
  • Project Level Managers and High-level Solutions Architect Available Upon Request and As Needed $125-$190/hour
  • Oversignt Remote Software for Real-Time accountability and updates.
  • Family of Professional Team who has worked together for over 11 years in our Nepal Operations Center.
  • Efficient and Well Managed Team with robust and diverse industry knowledge.
  • Compliance and Audited Operational Reports

Call Todd, our Strategic Relations Director, Spiralogics, Inc. 770-674-6090 coffee@spiralogics.com