BI / Reporting

BI / Reporting

Data Migration Optimization

Let Your Data Speak For You

When you can visualize your business in numbers and see trends you have never seen before, unbelievable things can happen. You can make better decisions about your product, your clients and your own employees. 

Interpretation of Data

Handle and interpret enormous amount of data into useful information.


OLAP, Analytics, Data Mining, Process Mining, Benchmarking, Predictive Analytics, etc are some of the common technologies we currently use. 

Ad Hoc Reporting

Write ad hoc queries to provide reports on the fly. You can't always wait for a report to be generated. We will implement ad hoc reporting tool so you are empowered to run your own reports. 

Data Visualization

Sometimes you can't make sense of a data set that comes in 10 or 100 pages. Visualize your data in charts, graphs, overlaid on maps or any number of different ways. 

Data Modeling

BI provides historical analysis, current observations and predictive views of your business operations. 

Business Reporting 

Report operational and financial data to decision makers. Through ETL in coordination with data warehouse provide your most important asset, your people, with the best information possible. 


Use OLAP cubes to produce reports faster than traditional relational databases through higher level of aggregations. 

Those Are Just A Few Main Services, There Are Plenty MorE

BI / Reporting

Software Architecture & Planning

Fully Customizable Options

One Click Triggers

Auto File Parsers

Batch Jobs

Role Based Implementation

GIS Systems

Ad-hoc Reporting

System Reporting and Tools

BI / Reporting

Background Document Generator

Office Application Automations

Quickbooks Integration

Great Plains Accounting

PDF Generators

File Converters

Image and Media Library

Customized SFTP Server

System Generated Emails

Government Compliance Reporting

ICD9 To ICD10 Conversion

Data Exchange/EDI

Flat File Parsers

Flat File Generators

Scheduled Jobs

Incredible Service: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Your success is our success. We will meet and talk on a regular basis so you can always be aware that, Spiralogics has a solution for your business. Come to us for any of these services.

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With 15+ Years of experience, Spiralogics will surpass your expectations.

Custom Software


Work with the best developers in the industry.

Custom Software


Let us build your application no matter the scope

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Custom Software

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BI / Reporting
Data Migration Optimization
Data Migration Optimization

Maintenance & Support: You Need It, We Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your application as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. You can count on us.


Bring value to your business by building the best software to meet your custom software development requirement in Atlanta. Spiralogics help you address the challenges of your business in the most optimal way possible.

BI / Reporting
BI / Reporting
Reverse Engineer
Reverse Engineer


Often, the business head confronts a majority of problems while handling Cloud, API and other similar projects. Are you having similar kind of issues? If yes, then contact Spiralogics.

Delivering the best products

Everyone believes in going with the Atlanta custom software development works. Hire our talented developers in Atlanta for part-time and full time with the help of Spiralogics. We have the best developers working with us, so find the best minds in the industry at Spiralogics.

custom software
custom software

quality custom software

MobileApp development is the most useful way to enhance customer participation and trustworthiness by developing web and mobile with advanced features. 

BI / Reporting
BI / Reporting



Spiralogics is a leading web application development company in Atlanta. We specializing in solving tough business problems with internet-based solutions.


industry leaders

If you are looking for Custom Web Application Development Service at an affordable price then Spiralogics prove to be the best choice for you.

BI / Reporting
BI / Reporting


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