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Writing the “Right Stuff” Is Essential For Software Development

Did you know that software, and only software, gives all the commands for our nation’s space shuttle program? No one is pushing a throttle or button at the right time, and no astronaut has a hand on a joystick. Software written with the “right stuff” gives all the orders. What makes a software product remarkable has very little to do with the enormous amount of work it can do, data it can crunch, or how pretty it looks on the screen. What makes it remarkable is how well it works in any circumstance and environment. Writing the “right stuff” in your software development project will make all the difference to your business and Spiralogics is ready to build your next generation application.

Software can disrupt a company’s day-to-day operations, or bring an event or product launch to a close. You don’t have to look far for examples of this, the interesting thing is most software development successes go unnoticed because it worked just as we expected it would. When you have decided that you need software developed for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind.

A product is only as good as the plan. The project will be successful if you have a complete vision of what you want the software to accomplish for your business model. Information is the key in the early stages of software development. How many users do you expect? What legacy systems do you have in place? What are you security requirements? What devices need to be supported?

Teamwork is essential. Encourage input from your employees and managers; too much is better than too little. It is more difficult to add a requirement after development has begun than to pare them down in the planning process.

Precision takes time. Give the project time; good software development is not an overnight sensation and rushing a project into action before it is ready is a glitch waiting to happen. There are many phases to software development, planning and design, building, testing, and finally, the finished product. Mistakes happen in software development, finding and fixing them is important but understanding where in the process the mistake happened is just as important. Is the glitch due to a missing requirement? If so, where in the process was the original requirement dropped? Answers to these questions can lead to uncovering and repairing other inaccuracies, which left alone could cause problems.

The essence of good software development is careful advance planning, build when the design is complete, make as few changes as possible, and keep accurate records of those changes. In addition, Test, Test, Test! Contact us, Spiralogics’ dedicated software development teams enjoy building and breaking things, exactly what you need for your next software development project.


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