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Why System Integrations Matter to Your Business

Unless you like the idea of doubling up on data entry processes, expert system integrations from Spiralogics is not optional. In addition to taking valuable time away from employees, a lack of proper integration has the potential of creating compliance problems and efficiency setbacks.

Health Care: Prime Example of Why System Integrations Matters

You are undoubtedly aware that HIPAA compliance is a must. Consistent changes to the standard have resulted in the importance of coding adaptations for billing and insurance purposes as well as for services input. Health care providers scramble to purchase software packages and systems that promise easy compliance, but they frequently forget that one computing system and associated software do not necessarily communicate well with another.

As clinics, agencies, and similar providers upgrade their systems to remain competitive in today’s health care market, they concurrently look for solutions that ensure current and future compliance with changing rules. The result, for many settings, is a patchwork of software applications, hardware devices, upgrade spot fixes, and similar programs. Not surprisingly, there is plenty of redundant data entry to run the reports an office manager needs to ensure profitability. An integrated systems solution would all but eliminate the extra work.

Integration as a Focal Point (not afterthought)

Our customized software design focuses on integration as a major component of functionality rather than a brownie-point-winning something extra to put on the box.

  • Customization ensures scalability. As your business grows, so does the application.

  • Scalability affects integration. The bigger your business gets the more software solutions you undoubtedly add. Foreseeing the possibilities ensures systems integrations when you add programs and hardware.

  • Security is part of the package. As you might imagine, both aspects of a growing business also call for security that envelops all types of configurations.

Mind you, system integrations matter not just to the health care industry, but also to companies transitioning to an agile workplace environment, those in the supply chain industries, as well as any start-up that plans to hit the ground running. Contact us today to find out more!

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