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When Your Niche Market Is Not Served By Off-The-Shelf Applications, Customize!

Reporting software takes your company’s facts and figures, turns them into a snapshot of the firm’s health, and lets you use the information to forecast notable trends. Unfortunately, your business needs to fit neatly into the mold the software developers foresaw. When your market is not served by off-the-shelf applications, you have two options: try to make do with what is in the box or buy multiple applications that each hold a piece to your data puzzles.

Of course, there is a better way of handling the situation.

  • Business reporting setup. Why pay for a software application that costs a lot of money but only disseminates your information to five decision makers when you have 25 of them around the globe? Get access for the number of users that make sense for your firm.

  • Get what you need when you need it. When you are sitting in a meeting with investors and need a report, you cannot wait to return to the office and run it there. You need ad hoc reporting that lets you call up any report on any device you select for the software. Dazzle them with facts, and part investors from their funds.

  • Tailor information to your visualization needs. Some folks do great with pie charts; for others, an overlay on maps makes much more sense. Still others want graphs and colors. Why limit yourself to the restricted visualization options a software developer thought up when you can have an application customized to your needs and preferences?

At Spiralogics, our mobile app and custom software development experts specialize in providing a market not served by off-the-shelf applications with fully functional software suites. We build apps from the ground up with our clients’ specifications in mind. Contact us today to find out what we could do for your company!

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