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When your market is not served by off-the-shelf applications

Quite often, when you start a new business one of the first things you do is search for software that make your company as efficient as possible. Just as often you find your market is not served by off-the-shelf applications, but rather that you must purchase and master several programs to accomplish the job you are trying to do.

When you consider the cost of these different applications, either large one-time purchases or subscription based, the smarter choice may be to invest in custom software for your purposes.

In the past, custom software meant hiring and maintaining a full-time staff of technology experts that could handle the array of software needs you had, or might have in the future. Rather a pricey venture for a new or small business. However, this is no longer true. You can have a full staff of program experts at your fingertips at substantially less cost to you when you contract with professionals instead of hiring your own staff.

Just as much care must be taken when contracting with a custom software company as with hiring your own people. Being careful to always search for the applications you need is just the start. You also need to ensure you are getting the ongoing support you need at a reasonable price. As your company succeeds, you will also need your custom software to be updated, changed, and adapted to new technologies.

When you contact us at Spiralogics, you get all of this presented to you by knowledgeable, friendly, eager representatives that want your business to succeed just as much as you do.

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