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Use Personalization in Your Mobile App Development and Marketing

No two people are alike, and with the technological possibilities inherent in mobile app development, there’s no reason for treating people that way. Web stores such as have been using personalization for years to increase their sales.

Personalization enhances customer satisfaction and engagement and its use isn’t limited to web stores or even retail sales. In fact, mobile apps are a superior medium to websites for personalizing the user’s experience because apps can leverage mobile device functionalities such as geolocation, cameras, and push notifications. Here are three ways to use personalization in your mobile app development and marketing:

Customize Your Push Notifications Based on User Behavior

User behavior in this case means how they respond to special deals and coupons, and whether they respond at all to your push notifications. When sending notifications about deals, base them on their previous purchasing behavior. Promoted products that are related to past purchases get higher sales than those that aren’t. Try different times of the day and different call-to-actions when users don’t respond to your push notifications.

Give Your Users the Option to Self Customize

Give your users some options on the types of push notifications they receive as well as their frequency and the time of day sent. For e-commerce apps for example, allow users to select daily deals or new product arrivals within some preferred product category. Allow them to rank topic preferences and mark favorites. If possible, give them user interface options. Self customization not only improves user experience, it serves as useful feedback about what your customers really want.

Use Geolocation to Personalize Your Content

There are many ways of using the geolocation functionality for personalization. When a user is near one of your stores and there is a product special that’s related to the user’s interest, then inform her of this with a push notification. Change the behavior of your app whenever the person is inside one of your business locations. This can be used to great advantage in businesses such as stores, restaurants, or hotels.

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