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Understanding the software development process

Any project, including custom software development, requires good communication to succeed. When you know what to expect, you can make better plans and be aware of when the process needs special attention.

Modern software development is very interactive. We don’t just take your specification and turn it into a running application. You’ll see it develop in steps and have the chance to give feedback. Make the best use of it. If it isn’t quite what you wanted, say so.

Plan to give serious time to testing. Software is complicated, and you want to make sure it’s right. We make as few mistakes as possible, but we don’t want the ones that we make to go into the field without your catching them.

Some changes are easy and some are hard. Moving a function to a different screen usually doesn’t take much effort. Making text grow, shrink, and change color in response to user input might be a lot harder. When you ask for a change, ask how much effort it will take and how it will impact your schedule and budget. Sometimes it’s less than you fear.

If you’re developing an application for customers, get an early version into the hands of some selected customers as soon as possible. In the end, what matters isn’t how much you like it, but how much they like it. If it’s for internal use in your company, have the people who’ll use it try it out while it’s still in development. They’ll know best whether it helps them to do their job.

Avoid feature bloat. It’s easy to say, “Can’t we have it do this as well?” But adding features can complicate the user experience and add to development time. On the other hand, a feature that provides a convenient shortcut and makes things easier may well be worth adding. Commercial applications are complicated because they have to meet everyone’s needs. Your custom application just has to meet one set of needs and do it well.

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