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Two Industries You Didn’t Know Needed Mobile App Development

In the world of fast-paced and ever-changing technology, many industries that never relied on mobile and web applications are turning to those very things to help support the growth of their businesses. We all use mobile apps like music apps, social media apps, and utility apps. But here are 2 industries that you didn’t know could benefit from mobile app development.

  1. Drug Stores: Although a drug store is traditionally a very brick and mortar industry, a mobile app can help a lot with customer satisfaction. Using a mobile app, customers can refill their prescriptions with just a few touches of the screen on their smart phone so they are ready to pick up when the customer comes into the store. Customers can also use an app to learn more about a prescription like possible side effects and how a drug can interact with others they take.

  2. Coupon Book Producers: You have probably seen TV shows like “Extreme Couponing” where people get two grocery carts full of groceries for $15. But for the rest of us casual coupon users, a mobile app to access coupons to our favorite retailers and restaurants can really increase the use of coupons. Many people just toss out the coupon books they get in the mail without even opening them. But an app is much more accessible and could cause a coupon book producer to thrive in this mobile age.

If you have a business that could benefit from a mobile app—drug store, coupon book producers, or any other business—Spiralogics is here to help your app become a reality. For more information, contact us at Spiralogics today.

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