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The Right App, or the Almost Right App?

Mark Twain wrote: “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” The same is true of software. You can get the almost right app off the shelf, but getting the right app may require custom development.

The almost right app can do what you need, but it’s clumsy. It’s missing features that would make your work much easier. Or perhaps it has extra features that you don’t want, which just get in the way. You might have to pre-process its input into the right form, or transform its output into what you need. Taking these extra steps costs time, adding up with repetition and lowering your productivity.

In cases like these, getting the right app through custom development can pay for itself.

It can provide exactly the needed workflow. You can tell the developer what kind of input you want, what you want done with it, and how you want the results to appear. This lets you concentrate on work rather than workarounds.

It gives you the options you need and omits the ones you don’t. This makes the app easier to use and prevents mistakes. You might not need any options at all, just a reliable process that never changes. Having lots of choices is great when you’re getting ice cream, but when you’re trying to be productive, you want to keep it as simple as possible — and no simpler.

It can let you integrate your workflow with other software. If you have several applications that do great things but don’t work well together, one custom application to tie them all together may let them all become the right apps for your purpose.

Don’t settle for the almost right app if it’s dragging your business’s operations down. Contact us to learn how we can create the right app for your business.


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