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Technological Advantage through Custom Software Development

Technological advantage has always played a pivotal role in the competition between nations, businesses, and even individuals. It isn’t the use of technology per se that gives one an edge because all humans use technology. It’s using technology that your competition doesn’t have that gets you ahead. While this “insight” is obvious to everyone, few businesses today exploit it.

In a software sense, the world of business is in a kind of technological “dark ages.” Businesses seem content with competing on a level technological playing field because all of them are using the same off-the-shelf software. Although this software improves over time, all users get the same benefit and therefore gain no advantage.

If your company has productivity bottlenecks, using off-the-shelf software may increase your productivity so that you’re on a par with other businesses, but even this isn’t guaranteed. You will be limited by what you can buy which often means software that doesn’t fit your requirements well.

However, overcoming your bottlenecks and other weaknesses only brings you closer to the top competitors in your market. Surpassing them requires that this becomes your goal and that you engage in deliberate and focused effort to this end. How is this done? You might try what has always worked before, which is seeking technological advantage. Create software that gives you advantage in strategic areas — software that drives your business growth faster than your competitors.

Differentiation from your competitors has always been the key to success and some businesses have come to realize that custom software development is the means to achieve this. In the last century, technological advantage over the competition was more difficult because it required innovative tools and machines. Unlike the technology of tools and machines, software innovation occurs more quickly and efficiently.

If you can think it, software can realize it. It’s just a matter of deciding to go through with it. The rest can be outsourced to software developers with the technical skill and creativity to produce your game changing technology. Contact us at Spiralogics to discuss the innovations that you require.


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