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Software Solutions for Small Businesses

According to a recent article by Forbes, there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States and over 22 million people who are self-employed with no additional employees. And surprisingly, more than 50% of the U.S. population works for a small business—a business with fewer than 500 employees. Many of these small businesses don’t necessarily have their own software developers. Rather, they are looking for contractors to help them come up with software solutions when they need them.

Spiralogics is a small business that wants to help your small business with software solutions. We can help with mobile applications, web applications, and desktop applications. We have created hundreds of applications for our clients and each one is unique to our customers and their specific needs.

We focus on user experience to make interacting with your application fun and engaging. At Spiralogics, we use our creativity and our knowledge of software design to make applications that are innovative and user-friendly.

In addition to software design, we bring you all the tools to support your business growth. We offer many ways to interpret data from your application to better serve your customers or employees. Some ways you can do this are through ad hoc reporting, data visualization in convenient charts and graphs, and utilizing many technologies like data mining, process mining, bench marking, and analytics.

If you need a software solution for your small business, we want to empower you and bring you the solutions you need at the level of excellence you expect. For more information on using Spiralogics to solve your software problems, contact us today.


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