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Problems in customer retention due to app updates

Most of the problems people experience with app updates do not concern an apps’ aesthetic design or homepage. Instead the problems have to do with the overall customer experience, including features and mobile optimization. Below you will learn about three major companies affected by the process of app development.


Throughout 2016 and 2017, Uber app updates caused category ranking to go up and down slightly. In general, the first update would cause a drop, and a second update would compensate for that drop with a spike. However, during the month of December 2016, Uber experienced a dramatic drop in category ranking. And it has not recovered from this, since most reviews give the app a one star rating. A reviewer stated that their Uber driver had cancelled, but that Uber charged him anyway. Some say that their driver did not stop for them. Others complaint that Uber is not compatible with Paypal. Most of the problems people had with the app were not about an update’s aesthetic design. Instead, the problem had to do with the overall customer experience including features and mobile optimization.


Tripadvisor allows people to find deals in the industries of air travel, hotels, and restaurants. It also allows travelers to post reviews, photos, and maps. Tripadvisor’s category ranking peaked around July 2016, but it has decreased steadily since then. This macro-level dip is probably due to the fact that the summer is the best time for their industry. But independent of this macro-level trend, slight disturbances are present in Tripadvisor’s category ranking graph. A customer, who gave it one star, reported that the app consumed 39% of his battery power, and that it heated up his cellphone. He says that the app continued to run in the background. Another reviewer complained that the app was very misleading. What he received was not what he say in the pictures. On top of this he reserved a non-smoking room and received a smoking room.


This app allows people to browse for products, review, and compare. App updates affected Amazon’s categorical ranking in a more pronounced way. Also, Amazon uses fewer updates, about one or two per month. But sometimes it can go for a whole two months without an app update. It is important to note that in this two month period, between December 2016 and February 2017, the app experienced its most dramatic drop. From this we can suspect that app updates are necessary to keep users engaged. Some of the poor reviews state that there are errors when using the app. One person complained about the new chat option, which replaced  email response. The customer did not have the time to wait in a chat room for a representative.

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