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Mobile Development Platform or Hand-Coded: Which is Better for Your App?

It’s no wonder that the number of development platforms available is growing by leaps and bounds. These software frameworks allow users to create websites and mobile apps, all without the extensive – often painstaking – knowledge of code. But what does this shift toward automation mean for companies intent on putting their best face forward in their technology?

“Easy-to-use development platforms attract less qualified vendors,” says Spiralogics software specialist Ashok Shrestha, “but this isn’t a bad thing. It means reduced human resources costs, and with that savings, it allows companies to also hire highly skilled professionals for difficult tasks.”

Even as the market moves in the direction of development platforms, hand-coding remains an important component of many tasks. Each approach has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages which must be looked at in the greater context of a company’s objectives, budget, and tech capabilities. Here Shrestha outlines some of the key points for businesses to consider.

Ashok Shrestha is a software specialist with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked with multinational companies like Google and Bank of America to develop quality software solutions using programming languages that include PHP, JAVA, Perl, and Python.


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