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Mobile App Development Tips for The Millennial Market

According to Forbes, millennials will be spending $200 billion annually by 2017. Born between 1980 and 2000, their demographic includes teenagers and young professionals. Most have never known a world without Internet access and therefore have few reservations about its use for purchasing, banking, and socializing. They’re a big consumer group and will become dominant in the years to come when their buying power exceeds that of the baby boomer generation.

Mobile devices and apps are second nature to millennials and many facets of their daily lives depend on this technology. As with all generations, millennials have preferences and expectations different from preceding generations. How does this affect your mobile app development? Below are three app design considerations to keep in mind:

Focus on User Friendly Design

Don’t confuse the millennial comfort with Internet and app use with nerdy tech savviness. Your app’s user interface must be guided by the principles of intuitive design. Anyone familiar with app use should be able to pick up and use your app with minimal effort.

The principles of intuitive design include:

  • Use consistent interface design – The appearance and functionality of links, buttons, navigation, menus, and so forth must remain consistent throughout the app. Users shouldn’t have to learn a new set of rules at different points within the app.

  • Don’t reinvent widely accepted design conventions – An intuitive design means minimal learning is required for using the app. Functional elements common to all apps and web pages should behave as they do elsewhere.

  • Allow for easy recovery from user mistakes – Make it easy for users to undo a mistake or return to a previous step.

Focus on Task Oriented Apps

Millennials use their smart phones and apps because of convenience. Time intensive and location specific tasks such as transferring money or shopping can now get done online. Doing these activities while on the go enhances personal productivity. Create apps that mobilize tasks common to the everyday life of the millennial.

Focus on a Great User Experience

Millennials can probably work their way through a clunky app but won’t bother because they can easily find alternatives. Make sure their experience is smooth and seamless. They want to get things done immediately, therefore the app must be fast, efficient, bug free, simple to use, and above all, add value in the form of productivity innovation.

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