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Mobile App Development and Loyalty Programs – A Winning Combination

Business owners are often guilty of spending most of their time getting new customers in the door instead of nurturing the customers they already have. Repeat customers do not require the time, effort, and money to win over as compared to new customers. A repeat customer has already done business with you, likes your products or services, and trusts you enough to shop with you again.

It makes sense to keep your current customers by using a loyalty program. Loyalty programs keep your customers coming back. With a custom mobile app, you can take your loyalty program to the next level. Custom mobile app development is a game changer for many businesses. The below will highlight how incorporating a loyalty program into your mobile app can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The End of Paper Card Loyalty Programs

You may already use or are familiar with the paper version of a loyalty program. The paper versions are typically the size of a business card. These cards keep track of each customer’s reward points. They are either stamped or hole-punched each time a customer shops at your establishment. After so many purchases, they receive a discount or free item. The issue with cards is that they are often lost, misplaced, or thrown away. It makes it a hassle for both you and your customers to keep track.

Most consumers prefer keeping track of their reward points using a mobile app. A custom app for you business makes reward tracking easily accessible. There is no worry of losing paper cards and having the customer start over to accumulate their points. With most people checking their smart phones multiple times a day, it makes sense to transition away from a paper card loyalty program to a digital version.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Another huge plus with a mobile app loyalty program is that it greatly enhances your customer’s overall experience. You can tailor the rewards to match each customer’s buying history by creating special offers for a particular item they frequently order. Receiving discounts on items they already shop for will encourage them to shop again. They will come to expect more value from your business and will use your mobile app more often to shop, track rewards, and more.

Regardless of the type of loyalty program you offer, adding it as a feature into a custom mobile application is an easy way to encourage repeat customers to do business with you again. A mobile application can add value to your product and ultimately to your business. Contact us today and let us build your dream app for you.


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