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Keep It Simple System Integration Questions

Many companies struggle to keep up with the rapid pace that is technological improvement, antiquated and redundant systems that may do basic tasks efficiently, but do not improve upon a process which is already in place while committing to a new system can actually create fear. Why is this?  There needn’t be fear to move forward. Integration is an art unto itself that may seem daunting, but can and should be mastered, but what are the benefits of these solutions? What are the signs that a company is ready to move on?

IT services are growing and IT is no longer an arcane secret to be feared and reviled. There are many professionals available to help integrations processes. However, it helps to do due diligence before hiring on a team of “geeks” to solve all systems problems. It starts with outlining simple and non-technical goals with simple questions.

  1. How can we streamline our systems and automate specific processes?

  2. Is it possible to reduce or eliminate duplication within systems?

  3. Are we able to maintain clean data across all locations?

These questions help in identifying the key problems existing within the systems used, and further details can be used to form strategies. Outlining the tasks and tools which are used within any business process, for example, will be needed in order to form a clearer picture what systems need to be streamlined, etc. Another tactic used in determining possible integration needs are clickstream data. How many screens do users have to utilize to record a basic set of data?

Every company could benefit from the zen in transition; redundant and inefficient systems eventually move unsync all systems. When one finds a clean and central data set has slowly devolved into several sets of redundant information, this eventually becomes noticeable to the user. For instance, in using a customer relationship management system (CRM) users access customer records in a uniform way, but in the case of a larger business where multiple locations house the same data, there is the potential for conflict.

These are only some of the ways in which data integration can reduce complexity and improve performance overall. For data integration services solutions for your company, don’t hesitate to contact Spiralogics today.


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