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Internet of Things (IoT): It’s Scope and Future Prospects

Internet of Things

Internet of things, better known as IoT, basically refers to the billions of physical devices around the world connected to the internet where data can be collected and shared.  It’s about connecting the digital world with the physical one. For example, turning on a light bulb switch using a smartphone app. IoT signifies machine-to-machine communication that involves least amount of human intervention

These days applications generate mountains of data. These data are filtered for analytics. The data sets are collected to find correlations and new patterns to serve the hardware and other application softwares. These data sets can be made predictive by applying Machine Learning models. The way IT infrastructure are managed changes its direction when AI is added to it. With the deployment of AI in IT operations, tasks will be performed in a much more shorter time span. Identifying the root of the problem will also be much quicker.

If we are to go by the current trend relating to AI, we can anticipate AI to eventually reinvent almost anything, from the nature of work to methods of communication and transportation.

Adding to this, the use of such technology will be seen even more heavily in military and governmental level in the coming days. The need for algorithm-based AI will further expand with the increasing integration of conventional defense, surveillance, and investigation with cyber security.

Automated Machine Learning

With the arrival of automated Machine Learning (AutoML) algorithms, machine learning is expected to undergo a radical change. It will allow developers and programmers to solve complex problems without creating specific models. With the use of AutoML, analysts and developers are able to focus only on the problem concerned and not on the entire process and workflow. It saves a lot of time and efforts by directly addressing the issues instead of going through the entire workflow. AutoML uniquely blends flexibility with portability and aligns with cognitive APIs and custom ML platforms.

Cyber Security

The supply of cyber security experts is far less than the actual demand of it in the Tech industry. This shortage is likely to increase the use of AI and ML in cyber security. The incorporation of AI in cyber security wouldn’t mean that there would be no requirement of experts, but AI will empower the experts and make the system more robust.

With the rapid change and development in AI technologies in the recent years, it is no surprise that software companies have started to incorporate AI into their projects and applications.

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