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How to Decrease Development Time of Mobile Apps

The development of mobile apps has always had to straddle the line between quality and adequate timing. For instance, an app that languishes in the process of development can be a perfect example of a digital product that would’ve taken the world by storm if it had come out months earlier. The good news is that there are a number of strategies you can utilize that will quicken the pace of development for mobile apps.

Low-Fidelity Wireframes or high Fidelity Wireframes?

While Low-Fidelity Wireframes provide less quality and detail than High Fidelity Wireframes, you can generate blueprints with the former much more quickly. This is invaluable because without wasting time you can establish the basic architecture of your app which the programmers can then use to build it.

Hybrid Solutions can save you time 

Adobe Phonegap is a piece of hybrid solution software that allows you to focus on developing one codebase as opposed to having your programmers craft code specific to individual platforms. Write once, have your app available for multiple platforms. Your labor costs will be cut down and the amount of time taken to establish your app across different platforms won’t be any different. While hybrid solutions let you push your product out faster, some sacrifices must be made. A big drawback – Native features like gps, accelerometer, etc are either very challenging to implement or not available at all. Additionally, hybrid solutions aren’t as fluid with animations and require significant amounts of memory. But the products generated from them are excellent placeholders until native apps for various platforms can be created for those specific scenarios.

Mobile Engagement Platforms

If you really want to speed up the development of your app, consider what mobile engagement platforms have to offer. These platforms are stuffed with finished applets that can be easily plugged into your app, giving it additional features with no extra coding time.

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