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How to Comply with PAID Act

Last December 11, 2020, the Provide Accurate Information Directly (PAID) Act was signed into law. This requires the MIR to expand its query process and provide additional information on claimants to determine if they are currently entitled to or during the preceding years entitled to Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) and/or Part D (Prescription Drug) benefits. This means that the MIR must now provide additional information as part of their Query Response File, a substantial change from its current format.

How does PAID Act affect your business?

If your current MIR tool’s Query Response File parser isn’t configured to handle the expanded data brought about by the PAID Act, your system will not be able to read the new Query Response File format. This could have a detrimental effect on your data processing.

Solution from Spiralogics for PAID Act

Spiralogics is a custom software development company, here to provide solutions for your business needs. Spiralogics has developed a specialized cost-effective tool called QFiX to help you convert the new query response file and make it compatible with the old format to keep your MIR tool running and it’s easy as apple pie.

What is QFiX?

QFiX is a desktop application that helps convert the new Query File (with MA Plans) into original Query File (without MA Plans).

No need to change to a new platform or reformat your current MIR tool, simply install QFiX into your MIR tool to be able to read the new Query Response File format.

How does QFiX actually work?

After installing the QFix tool, run the application and just follow these two easy steps to convert the new query response file.

  1. Select new query response file (with MA plans)

  2. Click on Convert and select file format. If you select CSV, .txt, or XLSX file format then, along with the converted file, an error file will also be saved in your device if the initial file has error.

Easy peasy, right?

QFiX does everything for you, including adding in the key fields that will allow you to relate the basic and extended query response files.

Why use QFix tool by Spiralogics?

Cost-effective means to upgrade your MIR tool to be ready for the changes being implemented by the PAID Act. You can be rest assured with the fact that when you partner with Spiralogics, you are getting applications that are effective and impactful at a great value exchange, with 20 years of business insight and practical application experience; automation, workflow, business processes, and a seasoned team, who have the experience and knowledge to help you take your business to the next level.

Here’s a video on QFiX Application.

Go to and download QFiX today!

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