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How to be Sure that Your App is Secure: Precautions for Businesses and Developers

Given the dizzying array of information that’s transmitted every day over web and software applications, even the least tech-heavy businesses need to be aware of threats to data security and steps to take to minimize them. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and today’s app vulnerabilities are not the same ones that users and developers faced just a few years ago.

A rapidly changing environment means that both software developers and the businesses that use their products must take certain precautions to encourage app security. Read on to learn how you can help avoid falling victim to some of these dangerous security breaches.

For Businesses

When acquiring custom software, partner with a development firm that can outline a clear quality assurance process. An experienced vendor should be able to walk you through the steps taken to test and mitigate security threats. Moreover, you should not shy away from asking about their previous history of vulnerabilities, how they notify users, and how they are able to remediate issues.

Human error is a leading cause of app security vulnerabilities. Your custom software developer should always use an automated scanner prior to deployment. This is critical for error-checking and potentially unearthing weak spots.

For Developers

An app that accepts data from a variety of inputs – and most do – can be vulnerable to attacks that modify any of those inputs. Strong encryption algorithms that emerge from threat modeling, penetration testing, and extensive vetting are key to building an app that holds up under pressure.

If you manage a team of developers, ensure that all staff receive proper training and have appropriate levels of access to production and nonproduction environments.

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