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How System Integration Affects Customer Satisfaction

Customer fulfillment can make or break a business. Consistently having no product in stock, late deliveries, sending the wrong product, or sending the wrong product quantity will hurt your customers’ satisfaction with doing business with you. When a customer leaves, it’s your loss and your competitor’s gain. This is especially damaging when these are valuable repeat customers. Here is how your customer’s satisfaction is linked to system integrations:

System Integration Gives Customer Service Personnel Access to Real-Time Inventory Data

When someone inquires about a product’s availability, you know this person is a serious buyer. If you can’t confidently tell the person whether you have sufficient stock to cover his order, you’ve lost a sale. A lack of system integration means you don’t have real-time inventory information. The data you’re working with is old. The more daily orders you get, the faster your data grows stale. Selling product without knowing your inventory numbers risks over selling.

System Integration Improves Your Inventory Management

A lack of system integration requires more manual data input between systems that don’t “talk” to each other. This increases the risk of data entry errors, which can be quite large. Inventory replacement orders based on incorrect data is not effective inventory management. You either have too much or too little of high demand stock. Your business again risks selling product you don’t have.

System Integration Improves Your Warehouse Management

Efficient customer fulfillment requires more than knowing if you have enough product in stock. It also requires knowing where that product is located in your warehouse. This is especially critical when you have hundreds or thousands of product types in a large warehouse. Hunting around for inventory is lost time that quickly adds up. This means fewer orders are shipped each day, which delays your customer fulfillment. System integration enables the use of bar code readers and similar technology that tells your “system” which bins contain how much of which items.

The above accurately describes problems common to many fulfillment centers, especially those that service the e-commerce industry. If your company is in need of a system integration or if you want to learn how it can benefit your business, please contact us.


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