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How Mobile App Development Is Transforming the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry transports 70% of our overland freight tonnage. Ensuring that our food, medical supplies, raw material, consumer products, and other vital goods get to their destinations isn’t an easy task for either the shipping company or the individual truck driver. Thanks to smart phones and the mobile apps that run on them, freight transport is done more efficiently and profitably today. Here is one example of how mobile app development is doing this:

Connecting Truck Drivers with Businesses That Need to Ship Freight

Imagine a shipping department manager calling local trucking companies in a desperate effort to get his freight shipped ASAP. Outside his window however, is an interstate filled with passing trucks pulling empty or mostly empty trailers. Meanwhile, the very same trucks pulling the empty trailers are burning gas, putting wear and tear on their rigs, and using up valuable time. This pulling of empty trailers is called deadheading which all trucking companies and independent operators do their best to minimize. It happens because when they deliver their freight, they’re left with an empty trailer which remains this way until the truck reaches the next client that needs freight transport.

This innate inefficiency of the trucking industry is being reduced through the use of mobile apps that connect the shippers looking for available trucks with truckers looking to fill up their empty trailers. The apps get frequent updates of shippers in need of freight transport. The apps are also installed on the mobile devices of truckers on the road. The trucker looking for freight to haul along the deadhead portion of his route, can check with his app and connect with a shipper who has a load that requires transport along the trucker’s route. These apps can make use of the trucker’s current location (via his mobile device’s GPS) and his ultimate destination to instantly find loads for his trip.

In addition to the independent operator, this type of app is also useful for freight companies both large and small for finding business as well as minimizing the deadhead travel of their truck fleets. Middlemen freight brokers have also profited because of this type of mobile app.

The trucking industry also benefits from many other apps such as one that protects truck drivers from fatigue and another that identifies fuel stops with the best prices along the trucker’s route. App development for the trucking industry is booming, and taking advantage of this merely requires identifying the industries’ needs.

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