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How Mobile App Development Benefits Real Estate Agents

Young consumers are perfectly comfortable with using mobile technology to make their daily lives more convenient. They use it for Internet access, entertainment, communication and it is their preferred way of seeking the products and services provided by businesses. These people have already entered the workforce and are looking for homes. Real estate agents can take advantage of the consumer’s growing reliance on mobile technology through mobile app development.

Mobile apps allow great flexibility in the ways that an agent can attract, engage, and sell homes to and for their customers. These include:

  1. Making property search easier. An app can hold an enormous amount of information and can place detailed real estate listings at the finger tips of a prospect. In addition to providing basic information about the properties such as the price, size, and floor plans, 360 degree views of rooms inside homes are possible. Information about local weather, average resident age, local attractions, and schools can also be included. An app with these features means fewer wasted trips to homes that don’t appeal to prospects.

  2. Making the buying or selling process easier. The process of finding or selling a home is difficult for the first time buyer or seller. An app can help this person by providing answers to commonly asked questions. This can be information about working with a specific agency as well as information about the buying and selling process in general. This sharing of tips builds trust with the client and demonstrates the agent’s expertise.

  3. Speeding up the sales process with a mortgage calculator. An important consideration for any prospect is knowing what mortgage payments she or he will make. Learning this can take time and slow down the selling process. Delays of this kind causes loss of momentum and may result in the loss of a sale. An app with a mortgage calculator quickly provides the prospect with this information.

These are just three of many possible mobile app features that will make you stand out from your competition. If you have questions about developing a mobile app for your real estate business, contact us today.


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