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Five Things About Custom Software Development You Should Know

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

In today's business world, custom software development is becoming the solution to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Here are five things that will show you the advantages of custom software.

1. You Get Exactly What You Need

When software is built to your specifications and to meet your exact needs, there is no time wasted searching for mass market software that may or may not work for you. Also when purchasing out of the box software, you are more likely to be paying for features that you don't need and will never use. At Spiralogics we listen to our customers and work hard to tailor your software to meet the precise demands of you and your customers.

2. Custom Software Saves You Time and Money

Having the wrong software can be very frustrating. Wasted time can add up to less revenue and less productivity. Custom software will pay for itself quickly, allowing you more time to expand your business or just relax with your family. Many tasks can be automated which can decrease your labor costs.

3. No Job is Too Small or Large

While some people might just need a very basic application, some might need custom software at every level of their business. Spiralogics can create custom software to interface with any existing software that you enjoy using or we can build you an entire new way of running your firm. Even a small solution can add to your success and save you a lot of time and frustration.

4. Support

Rather than relying on the support of a major software company, you will have a team of developers that will be able to answer your questions and offer support every step of the way as your new software is launched. This more personalized approach means that instead of staying on hold for hours, you get the support you need as soon as possible.

5. Protection

Unfortunately many of us have experienced the work of a hacker. With custom software, developers can make sure that your computer systems and software are as secure as possible. This drastically reduces the chances of fraud and other issues. Custom software is proven to not be as likely for hackers to "crack" as it is not a program they have used before.

Contact us today and let us know what we can to to help you succeed.

Photo credit: Photo adapted from video by Creative Tools under license by CC2.0


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