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GIS Mapping: Location-Based Data that Helps Users Make Better Decisions

Most of us are familiar with GPS technology. It’s in our phones, on our car dashboards, and has even made it down to the soles of our shoes. The Global Positioning System, which was first developed by the United States government in the mid 70s, harnesses the power of more than 20 satellites in two-way communication with objects on Earth.

While GPS makes it possible to plot coordinates and determine location, another kind of technology allows scientists and software developers to use spatial information for a dizzying array of important endeavors. Geographic information systems, or GIS, are powerful tools that are playing an increasingly greater role in industries such as healthcare, finance and warehouse management. In fact, the ability to synthesize and map data in a highly-visual way presents these industries with an opportunity to streamline workflow, simplify case management and replace cumbersome paper processes with user-friendly software.

According to Jay Jackson, an entrepreneur who received his master’s degree in Geophysics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, GIS is ideal “in situations where there’s a need to interpret what’s going on while having limited data.” Geologists and geographers have relied on GIS mapping for decades, and now professionals in a broad range of fields are starting to tap into this powerful technology. To learn more about incorporating GIS into your business operations, contact us today.

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