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Generation Z’s Growing Market is Not Served by Off-the-Shelf Applications

Move over, Millennials, Generation Z is readying to make its mark. Although experts disagree on the exact birth year of this demographic, researchers typically agree on a five-year window between 1995 and 2000; nobody disagrees that this market is not served by off-the-shelf applications as others are.

What Sets Apart Gen Z?

In a word: technology. This generation grew up with technology, operated smartphones while in a stroller, and relies heavily on internet connectivity to socialize with peers locally and globally. They do not remember a time without internet, multiple computers in a home, and technical gadgets in the classroom. Combined with their early familiarity of recession thinking and terrorism awareness, this market needs an entirely different type of online approach than Millennials and even Generation X.

Using Custom-built Software Solutions to Make the Connection

The majority of software development is currently Gen Y focused. Concordia University notes that of the 1.2 million apps currently available, only 150,000 were educational in nature and focused specifically on the wants and likes of younger users. This shows an excellent outlook for the savvy business ready to market to this group.

  • Custom software development. Whether it is learning, saving, or planning for college, the fiscal caution of Gen Z calls for a fresh approach from schools, financial institutions, and recruiters.

  • Healthcare applications. Generation Z is comfortable with online medical information, records, and interactions. It may well change the way your clinic does business.

  • Mobile app development. Games, in particular, are a huge focus for a generation that loses interest quickly when there is little socialization during play.

  • Scalability. An off-the-shelf application that works for your startup today will not pass muster when you grow as your clientele grows. Combine demographic relevance with the ability to serve this market share for the long haul.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business to approach a market that is not easily served by off-the-shelf applications.


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