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Five Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Software Company

When you are searching for a software company to build your application, you will want to choose  a team that you can trust your project with. But with so many software companies out there, how do you know which ones the most trustworthy? Well, you can start off by asking some of these questions.

What kind of projects/clients has the software company worked with?

There may be many companies out there with good project portfolios but do they have the experience of working on an application similar to the one you want to build? Ideally, you would want to partner with the one who has the experience of working on similar projects or with similar clients. This will allow the company to be more quick in recognizing the problems you may have and be available with some ready to implement solutions.

However, if your focus is on innovation over efficiency then you might want to opt for a software company that has experience working with multiple kinds of clients. Such kind of companies tend to be more creative in their process.

Do they have client testimonials/ reviews you can look at?

This will give you an in-depth look at how the company has performed for their past clients. Any company that has built great apps and have a good rapport with their past clients should be proud to show their portfolio with you. If they are not then you might want to move on with your search.

You can also look at company ratings and search for app reviews in the web.

What process do they follow?

This will define the success of your project. What is the model they follow to meet the client’s needs and deliver the project on time. You will also want to clarify how do they take client’s feedback and how the team functions as a whole.

Other thing you need to know while looking at their process is the testing aspect. How do they maintain their quality? How do they do application testing? You need to be affirmative about keeping the process transparent.

How do they handle changes in product requirements?

For most long term projects, requirements changes can be inevitable. What protocol do they follow to meet the feature changes or enhancement? You need to find out whether or not the company is ready to manage changing requirements.

What kind of after-service support can their team provide you with?

You want a software company that will be there to provide maintenance support even after the application is completed. What will happen if you encounter a problem six months after the company delivers your project? Can you call or email them to have a look at the problem? Will a support team be available? These are the things you need to consider for the long run.

What are thoughts?

Can you think of any other questions to add to the list? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today!

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