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Find Your Niche in Mobile App Development

In mobile app development, it is essential to find your niche if you want to make money off of your app. According to, the Google Play Store—the largest app store—had over 2 million apps available for download as of February 2016. The Apple App Store had 1.5 million apps available as of July 2015. But don’t let these statistics discourage you from developing an app. The fact there are so many apps means there is a market for them. There seems to be an endless demand of different apps and developers come up with innovative ideas every day for new ones.

Also, there are many things to consider with your app. Who is your target demographic? Who are your competitors? What similar apps are already out there? Are you looking to make money directly from your app, or it is more for the convenience of your customers or employees? While you may not be the creator of the next Instagram (valued at $35 billion), your mobile app will have its own value and purpose.

At Spiralogics, we help you answer all of these questions and assist you to determine the value of your app idea. An essential part of our process is the research phase. It takes time, but it is well worth it for the proper development of your app. Allow us to research and do a competitive analysis, figure out what your demographics are, and complete marketing studies. Spiralogics is made up of expert app and game developers and designers out of Atlanta, Georgia.

We want to turn your mobile app ideas into a reality, so contact us today for more information.

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