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Enter the World of Health Care Applications

When people use their phones for everything—from social media to banking—they also trust their health to their phones. That is why health care applications are necessary in the Apple and Android markets. If you have an idea for a health care application, don’t disregard it. For those who don’t have the knowledge to build an app themselves, that is where Spiralogics can help.

Spiralogics is a team of problem solvers who help our clients create innovative solutions for their software development needs. If you are in the health care world and have a plan for an app to better serve your community, Spiralogics will make your ideas a reality.

In a recent article in Digital Trends, author Emily Schiola shares some of the best health care apps from the last year. They span from apps that help patients to apps directed at practitioners. Here are a few we think are interesting. Maybe reading about them will help you develop your own ideas for a health care app.

Micromedex: Micromedex allows people to find out everything they need to know about prescriptions they take. You can also search by your sickness or problem to see what kinds of medicines you could be taking.

Red Cross First Aid: This app helps walk people through what to do in different first aid scenarios, like a bee sting or a burn. It also has pointers to follow in disasters like floods and earthquakes.

As you can see, these apps are just a few representations of how people are using smart phone technology to make the world a safer place and bring more access to medical knowledge. If you have an idea for a health care app that you want to see come to fruition, contact us today at Spiralogics.

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