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Companies We Love in Atlanta

Home to the largest tech hub in the Southeast and the second largest tech incubator in the United States, Atlanta, Georgia is growing by leaps and bounds.It’s a city we’re proud to call home.We know we’re in good company, as these five Atlanta-based businesses have demonstrated.

Crawford & Company

Founded: 1941

Industry: Insurance claims management

Overview: A major player in the field of insurance claims management, Crawford & Company serves more than 70 countries and has its headquarters in Atlanta. Their services are geared toward insurance companies, corporations, and government entities.


Founded: 1992

Industry: Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)

Overview: ExamWorks’ suite of services extends beyond independent medical examinations, covering peer reviews, Medicare compliance, workers’ compensation, and other related offerings. The company emphasizes its local presence and operates professional service centers around the globe.

Dime IT

Founded: 2008

Industry: IT services

Overview: This up-and-coming company represents the tech portion of the accounting firm Dime. Both businesses emphasize simplicity as their mantra, with Dime IT providing consulting and support services that help guide clients toward the technologies that best suit their needs.

Healthcare Solutions

Founded: 2007 (subsidiary company, Modern Medical, founded in 1986)

Industry: Insurance

Overview: As the parent company of several healthcare benefit management providers, Healthcare Solutions boasts more than 800 employees, 750 customers, and a 98% customer retention rate.


Founded: 2013

Industry: Fundraising

Overview: Headquartered 70 miles east of Atlanta, this Athens-based company is doing exciting things in the world of fundraising. Zurly’s technology allows organizations to raise money via a mobile app, while also incentivizing donors with local deals they can redeem upon donating to their cause of choice.

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