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5 Productivity Tools for Busy Product Managers

It’s true that every Product Manager experiences a set of challenges unique to his or her place of work. Fortunately, it is also true that a number of tools and tactics for working smarter, not harder are consistent across industries. Here are five of the most useful productivity boosters and the issues they address.

Productivity Roadblock #1:

Juggling communication between key stakeholders in a product roadmap

Tool: ProductPlan

Fluid communication between project leaders, team members, and executives is integral to creating a timely product roadmap. Software such as ProductPlan can help mitigate some of the confusion and inefficiency that can result from many voices and many viewpoints by allowing stakeholders to create, edit, and share one single source document.

Productivity Roadblock #2:

Navigating a large number of websites and news sources every day

Tool: Feedly

Reading the latest in industry news and consumer trends is time well spent; scouring the web every time you need useful material is not. News aggregators, alternatively known as RSS feeds or feed readers, allow users to consolidate their favorite content sources in one location. Aggregators like Feedly also give users the option of saving and sharing content on desktop, mobile, and cloud-based platforms.

Productivity Roadblock #3:

Creating consumer surveys and polls from scratch

Tool: Typeform

Typeform specializes in user-friendly and visually appealing form templates that can be customized piece by piece. From a Product Manager’s perspective, this tool may be a valuable asset for conducting market analysis and gathering consumer data.

Productivity Roadblock #4:

Searching for the right testers for new features

Tool: Validately

Narrowing down and segmenting the field of prospective testers for a new product feature can be quite time-consuming. Tools such as Validately stake their claim on doing much of the work for you by providing a pool of users that can be segmented based on demographics and other criteria.

Productivity Roadblock #5:

Fielding unwanted third-party phone calls, letters, and emails during working hours

Tool: A good spam filter

Sounds too simple, right? In fact, measures like adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry, opting out of unsolicited mailings, and making sure your spam filter provides enough protection are all great ways to limit the number of intrusions dealt with on an everyday basis.


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