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5 Excellent Webinars for Product Management

In today’s rapidly changing market and dynamic environment, it becomes imperative to focus on professional development and self-improvement throughout the course of one’s career. This is especially true in user-centric roles such as product management, where the constant flux of consumer habits and other market factors will keep successful professionals on their toes.

Here we’ve compiled 5 webinars that share useful tips and practical advice with that goal in mind. Some, like Jim Semick’s talk on product roadmaps, contain industry-specific information. Others cast a wider net, providing insights into the mechanics of successful management and innovative approaches.

Product Roadmaps: Creating a Compelling Vision

Presenter: Jim Semick, Co-founder of

Length: 18 minutes

Watch the full video here

User Experience and Product Management: Two Peas in the Same Pod?

Presenter: Jeff Lash, Service Director of Product Management at SiriusDecisions

Length: 50 slides

View slideshow here

How to Capture Innovation from Existing Intelligence

Presenter: Steve Rivkin, Consultant and founder of Rivkin & Associates LLC

Length: 55 minutes

Watch the full video here

Product Launches with Zero Budgets

Presenter: Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Technology Growth Engineering

Length: 56 slides

View slideshow here

The Transformational Power of the Market

Presenter: Paul Young, Instructor at Pragmatic Marketing

Length: 60 minutes

Watch the full video here

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