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3 Key Considerations For Your Next Software Development Project

If your company is looking for a custom software development firm for the next big project, you know that there’s no shortage of advice on how to make the right choice. The most basic recommendations – ones you’re sure to hear from both colleagues and the tech companies vying for your business – typically include:

  • Experience: Have they built up the industry knowledge and operations savvy to create a solid product?

  • Technology: Do they possess an extensive tech toolkit and the know-how to choose the right tools for the job?

  • Expertise: Are they demonstrably qualified to develop software in your particular sector?

  • Transparency: Will they keep you updated on the progress of your project, leading to a launch that is on time, on budget?

  • Responsiveness: Are they helpful and easy-to-reach when you have questions – before, during, and after deployment?

These are vital components, no doubt, but they apply to just about any client-vendor relationship. When it comes to custom software development, however, you may need to dig a little deeper if you want to ensure success. Before pulling the trigger on your company’s next custom software project, determine where you stand on these 3 Key Considerations, which were first explored in the Association for Computing Machinery’s digital magazine.

Which of these goals is most relevant to your project?

  1. Advancing your company’s tech capabilities

  2. Streamlining or enhancing user experience

  3. Quickly generating more revenue

Each goal or combination of goals is associated with certain risks and rewards. A technology-driven project intended to generate short-term financial gains, for example, may rush ahead of market interest and result in a wasted investment. On the other hand, an ambitious, tech-heavy project that doesn’t focus on improving user experience or include a game plan for increasing revenue can suffer a similar fate.

At Spiralogics, we believe that the surest way to harness technology and generate revenue effectively is through putting users first. By automating slow or inefficient business processes with custom software, we are able to solve workflow bottlenecks and free up time and resources. We advise all of our clients to carefully consider the goals of their next software development project in order to ensure the best custom solution for their company.


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