Documentation and Package:

Executive Summary:

Many organizations currently running highly functional Software may not have full and proper documentation of that asset. Additionally, organizations may not understand the risk and vulnerabilities they face as a result of coding practices or newly found security risk within the platform. Lack of documentation also makes software expansion difficult and knowledge transfer and integration of new developer within an existing team a bigger challenge. Spiralogics aims to mitigate those risks and inefficiencies by providing Software Documentation as a service. This document defines the scope of Spiralogics Software Documentation Process.

  1. Deliverables:
    At the end of this process, Spiralogics will deliver the documents listed below:
    a. Architecture Diagrams
    b. Business Process Workflow
    c. Technical Detail Document
    d. Risk Analysis Report
    e. Future Recommendations
    Spiralogics will deliver documents listed above as a standard set of documents. However,
    a client may choose to modify the list by adding or removing a particular document as part of a
    modified scope.

Cost estimate: 30 to 38 cents per line of code per application ($5,500 minimum fee)  Example: 100,000 lines of code $30,000 to $38,000 total cost. 

Optional: Additional Support and developers at a flat rate of  $2900 to $4000/month (160 hours per month 8 hours per day) or $40 per hour. 

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